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I had a great experience here they never gave me any trouble and they really treat you like family I think people have them 1 stars because of the behind the wheel but the owner here does what Is best for the school so I don't think that women is here anymore please look at my review its my full honesty they are a good place you don't know something till you try it right?

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Claremont Driving School

One of the best ways to pass your driving test is to prepare for it by going through driving school. Drivers ed programs not only teach you how to pass the Claremont drivers test, but they also help you to develop the necessary driving skills to keep you safe while driving.

In addition to student driving lessons, many facilities also offer a traffic school service. This service is beneficial if you ever receive a traffic citation. Citations can negatively impact your insurance rates and put points on your license. You can avoid these negative consequences by taking a Claremont traffic school course and submitting your results.

Benefits of Driving School

New drivers can benefit from driver’s education by receiving hands-on driving instruction. Driving instructors will teach students how to operate a motor vehicle safely and confidently through a series of one-on-one lessons. This type of driver training prepares the student to pass the driving test and get their driver’s license.

Teaching Teen Drivers

When teens learn to drive it is important that they get both the classroom experience that they need for the knowledge portion of their driver’s test as well as the experience behind the wheel necessary to pass the driving test. A driver’s ed course will incorporate both of these components.

A student driver course in Claremont needs to have flexible scheduling so that your teen doesn’t miss any of their school classes or extra circular activities. They also need to teach the necessary driving skills that your teen has to develop to stay safe on the road when driving.

New Adult Drivers

New, adult drivers can also go to a driving school to prepare for their driver’s exam. Some driving schools offer transportation to and from their facility. Flexible instruction can also be offered to help meet the needs of working adults. Instruction can be given to help improve driving skills as well as driving knowledge.

Necessary Driving Skills

While driving skills will develop over time, there are some driving skills that are necessary to have in order to pass a driver’s test. The driving skills that you should expect to learn in a driver’s ed program include:


  • Hand over hand steering
  • Defensive driving
  • Freeway driving
  • Signaling and merging
  • Parking and reversing
  • Heavy traffic driving

In addition to these skills, you should develop an understanding of right-of-way and timely decision-making in order to stay safe while driving.

What is Traffic School

In addition to driving school, many facilities provide traffic school. Traffic school is a course delivered by licensed providers that can keep a traffic violation off of your record. This will keep points off of your license and will keep the ticket from increasing your auto insurance rates.

The traffic school process is simple. First, you have to choose the method by which you want to take the course. Then, you have to attend the course and pass the exam at the end of the program. Finally, a certificate of completion or completion receipt will need to be sent to the court to confirm that you have completed the necessary requirements.

There are three different ways that you can take traffic school. The first way to take traffic school is to sign up for an online traffic school course. The course material is delivered online and you can complete the course wherever is comfortable. The final exam is given at the end of the course. Course results will be sent electronically to the court upon course completion.

The second way to take traffic school is to take an in-person class. The course material is delivered by a trained instructor. At the end of the course, you will receive a completion receipt.

The third way to take traffic school is to complete the booklet course. Read the course booklet, then take the online exam. Results are sent electronically to the court.

Why Pick All Star Driving School for Driving Lessons, Traffic School & More

When you have to pick a driving school for driving lessons or a traffic school to take care of that traffic ticket, you want to pick one that is convenient, affordable, and professional. You want All Star Driving School.

All Star Driving School is committed to its student’s learning and safety. They are the most trusted when it comes to Claremont driving lessons. Scheduling is flexible for customer convenience, and instructors are experienced and professional. Student drivers are prepared to drive and pass the test the DMV way.

At traffic school, your main objective is to learn the course material, take the exam, and provide proof of receipt. All Star Driving School offers in-person classes, an online traffic school, and a booklet course to help you avoid having that traffic violation impact your license and insurance rates. They are quick, easy, and inexpensive. There isn’t a better traffic school in Claremont that is self-paced, easy to pass, and delivered in the shortest amount of time allowed by the DMV.


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