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I had Denise twice, and oh my goodness! She was the sweetest and most understanding instructor i ever had! She answered every question no matter how obvious or difficult! Thank you so much Denise, i passed my test with 0 errors because of you!

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Ontario Driving School

There are many benefits to going to a driving school. Driving schools offer teen classes and adult classes that teach new drivers how to pass their driving test. Driving instruction includes coursework on driving rules and laws as well as hands-on driving experience.

In addition to driver’s training, many driving schools offer driver’s education through traffic school. Traffic school in Ontario can be taken to avoid having a traffic citation negatively impact your license or your car insurance rates.

Driving School Benefits

Driving instructors can teach new drivers the skills they need in order to drive safely as well as the knowledge that is needed to obey traffic laws. It is beneficial to go through a driving school prior to taking the Ontario driver’s test. Benefits include getting hands-on experience as well as having time to develop the necessary driving skills. A driver’s ed program will also teach important information on the rules of the road.

Teen Drivers

Student driving lessons are the core of how teens learn how to drive. When teenagers attend a driver’s ed course, they will get hands-on experience with driving. Their knowledge about traffic rules will also be tested so that they are fully prepared to take their driver’s test after getting their driver’s permit.

Adult Drivers

Ontario driver’s lessons aren’t just for teens. Adults new to driving also benefit from driving lessons and hands-on driving experience. These lessons help adults become fully prepared to pass their DMV driving test.

New Driver Driving Skills

All new drivers learn their driving skills over time. Driving skills do not develop overnight. Student drivers need time and practice to develop their skills. They should focus on the following new driver driving skills before they take their driver’s test:

  • Hand over hand steering
  • Defensive driving
  • Freeway driving
  • Merging and signaling
  • Parking/Reversing
  • Heavy traffic driving

These skills not only help students and new drivers pass their DMV test, but they are also necessary to drive safely on the roadways.

Types of Traffic School

Ontario traffic school is a course that is delivered by a licensed provider to help you keep traffic infractions off of your driving record. In addition to keeping points off of your license, traffic school can keep your insurance company from seeing the ticket. If your insurance does see the citation, then they could raise your rates.

The traffic school process is fairly easy. The first step is to register for a course. The second step is to complete the course and course exam. The third step is to send the results to the court.

The first way to take traffic school is in-person. First, you must register for a date and time to take the course and pay for traffic school. Then, you go to a classroom and a trained instructor delivers the course material. Following the course, you will take an exam on the information that was taught. Once the exam is completed you get a receipt of completion.

The second way to take traffic school is through a booklet course. After you register for a booklet traffic school, the booklet will be sent to you. Once you receive the booklet, you complete the course at your own pace by reading the material. When you are ready, you take an exam online. The exam results are sent to the court electronically.

The third way to take traffic school is to take online traffic school. This method is completely done online. The course is delivered online, and when you have completed the course material, there is an exam. Once the exam has been passed, the court will receive your completion receipt electronically.

If you are unsure whether or not you are eligible for traffic school, you can contact the DMV for qualification information. Additionally, many traffic schools will help you navigate the process of checking eligibility and registering for a traffic school course of your choosing.

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