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Since 1996, ALL STAR Driving School strives to maintain a high level of satisfaction in the professional services provided to its students. We thank you for choosing ALL STAR Driving School for your driver education and driver training needs. We strive to make available to every student a motivational atmosphere that feels both pleasant and safe to learn in.

Our online and in-class curriculum have been approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles and comply with the California Vehicle Code Rules and Regulations. Please feel free to contact our offices for any questions you have.

All Star Driving School is ready to teach you everything you need to know about driving.

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At All Star Driving School, we provide a range of driving services to new and experienced drivers. Whether you’re a teenager seeking your first driving lessons or an experienced driver that needs to attend traffic school, we can help. We have been helping clients access affordable and stress-free driving services for more than two decades. All our classes and lessons are certified by the California DMV. We abide by all California Vehicle Code Rules. If you would like to speak to our team about scheduling lessons, traffic school, or any of our other services, call our office today!

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  • This is an amazing driving school very on point I just finished my last lesson on September 15th and Veronica got me ready for the behind the wheel test I wouldn’t be so confident in driving if it wasn’t for her I greatly recommend.

    Paris Fahy Avatar
    Paris Fahy

    The name says it all! Mr. Mike has put together an ALL STAR TEAM! The girls in the office are so nice, the instructors are top notch, and Mr. Mike is truly a wonderful man. Yes, they are scheduling for January because the DMV was shut down so long due to Covid. But they do everything they can to try to get the students in sooner. They have promptly returned all of my calls and have been upfront about what the schedule is like from the start. I highly recommend All Star Driving School, it has truly been a pleasurable experience.

    Honest Reviewer Avatar
    Honest Reviewer

    5 star ratingVeronica is such an amazing instructor. She gave me the best tips and was so easy to work with! I felt super prepared for my drivers tests after my sessions with her, and I passed on my first try!

    Salina A. Avatar
    Salina A.
  • Had very good instructors and veronica was very helpful and a good instructor. Helped me learned many new things that will help me pass my driving test.Veronica gave me such good advice and answered all my questions in detail. She gave me tips.

    Lexi Flamenco Avatar
    Lexi Flamenco

    5 star ratingI took my lessons with Veronica here and learned so much!! I was always comfortable driving with her in the car and all my driving skills greatly improved within the time I had her as my coach, especially with my steering control. Under her guidance I was able to successfully get my drivers license with confidence. She was also just such a lovely person to have as a passenger in the car and was always on time with our appointments. I would highly recommend anyone interested in learning how to drive to have her as your instructor. Thank you so much for everything, Veronica!

    Kelly C. Avatar
    Kelly C.

    5 star ratingI had Veronica as my driving instructor and she taught me so many things I did not about from my previous instructors. She was very nice and a great teacher! I would highly recommend Veronica!

    Karen V. Avatar
    Karen V.
  • 5 star ratingAll-Star Driving School is amazing, go get it. I took my date and wife to driving school for an intro to each other. It was a delightful experience. After we decided to get drinks and dine at Happy Bento. Again, amazing go get it!!

    Ivan S. Avatar
    Ivan S.

    Great place and trustworthy to send my daughter to learn to drive

    paluco castle Avatar
    paluco castle

    Excellent service, helpful and knowledgeable staff. Mike answered all of my many questions with tremendous patience. Pro tip: Read the pamphlets and paperwork they give you. As boring as it may seem it’s loaded with information you’ll need to navigate the whole drivers training process.

    Gennafer Sage Avatar
    Gennafer Sage
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