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Driving Tips And Tricks You Wish You Knew
As A New Driver

If you're 18 years old, you're eligible to take driver education classes and get at least six hours of behind-the-wheel training at a licensed driving school before getting your instruction permit, according to DMV California. Obtaining a driver's license is an exciting step to becoming independent. However, it comes with a huge responsibility. After all, whatever you do while seated behind the wheel doesn't only affect you, but also other road users. Therefore, consider enrolling at an online driver's course, where you'll learn highway and defensive driving. The internet also offers in-depth information about road safety for both new and experienced drivers. Read on to learn a few driving tips and tricks you wish you knew as a new driver.

Adjust Your Mirrors Before Driving
A common mistake for new drivers is driving off without adjusting the car mirrors properly. So, they end up with a blind spot, thus increasing the risk of rear-end collisions. In simple terms, a blind spot is a part that isn't visible, so you might not see the car traveling on the adjacent lane. To avoid blind spots, adjust the side-view mirrors. That way, you can have a clear view of other motorists with your peripheral vision. Likewise, make adjustments to the rear-view mirror to ensure you can see the back of your vehicle clearly.

Prioritize Vehicle Maintenance
Keeping your car in good driving condition goes a long way to prevent breakdowns that increase the risk of traffic crashes. So, make sure you inspect tire pressure and treads, engine oil levels, air filters, brakes, and coolant levels. Also, make it a habit to fill your gas tank before it runs dry. If your car has small dents, fix them to enhance the aesthetics of your ride. While fixing minor dents on an automobile might seem daunting, it isn't if you enjoy simple, do-it-yourself projects. All you need is aluminum foil, a hairdryer, and a small block of dry ice. Nonetheless, you can hire a professional to fix dents in a car at affordable rates.

Merging Correctly
One of the most challenging moments for novice drivers is merging correctly with traffic. As a general rule of thumb, avoid making sudden moves. Traffic experts suggest staying calm and adjusting your speed to the flow of traffic. Then, turn on your indicators and drive slowly into the adjacent lane where there is a gap.

It's natural to feel confident about your driving skills after obtaining a driver's license. However, a license doesn't mean you're a good driver. You still need to practice and learn various driving techniques to enhance road safety. Driving tips every driver should know include adjusting mirrors correctly, vehicle maintenance, merging with traffic, and defensive driving.
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